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Billing Arrangements

Generally, Frazier Law PLLC bills for team member time in 1/10 of an hour increments at the hourly rate specific to each team member based on his/her skill set, experience, and other market factors.  However, in an effort to increase accessibility and to provide more flexible and/or lower-cost options, Frazier Law PLLC may be able to offer alternative fee arrangements such as the following. All fee arrangements are reviewed on a matter-by-matter basis, and their availability depends on numerous factors, including the practice area, nature of the work to be performed, adversarial nature, complexity of the matter, and needs of the firm.

  • Flat Rate

    • The most common types of matters that may qualify for a Flat Rate billing arrangement include business entity formation; registration of foreign entities; and drafting of short-form operating agreements, template independent contractor and employment agreements, and website terms of service and privacy policies.

    • This billing arrangement is well suited to some clients with relatively noncomplex needs and/or fixed budgets.

  • Evergreen Cost Retainer + Contingency Fee

    • The most common types of matters that may qualify for a Cost Retainer + Contingency Fee billing arrangement include judgment collection matters.

  • Mixed Fee (Reduced Hourly Rate + Reduced Contingency Fee)

    • The most common types of matters that may qualify for a Mixed Fee billing arrangement include sales representative commission payment disputes, six-figure plus breach of contract disputes, and judgment collections.

    • This billing arrangement is well suited to clients who have strong claims but otherwise would not be able to, or would not want to, pursue them under a traditional hourly engagement.

  • Outside General Counsel Services

    • We offer a basic, flat fee monthly charge for a stipulated number of hours, with additional hours billed at a discount rate at least 15% lower than the otherwise applicable hourly rate.  This engagement type covers general representation, consultation and advice, and help negotiating and drafting legal contracts and other documents.  It does not include representation in litigation or arbitration, which do not lend themselves to this kind of billing arrangement.

    • This billing arrangement is well suited to business clients who have frequent transactional legal needs.

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