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You sued in Court and won a judgment, but the debtor will not pay voluntarily.  What can you do to collect the money you are owed?  Frazier Law PLLC’s collection attorneys can answer your questions.

We know and use available legal mechanisms, including judgement debtors’ examinations and strong relationships with investigators, to track down judgment debtors’ assets.  Once these assets have been located, our collections attorneys aggressively employ judgment enforcement methods, including bank and wage garnishments, charging orders, receiverships, and forced sales of debtor property.

In instances where debtors move or transfer assets or take other evasive actions, such as hiding assets behind business entities, declaring fraudulent bankruptcies, or setting up asset protection strategies, we seek to identify judgment debtors’ pressure points and leverage same to force expedited judgment payments.  When utilization of these pressure points is insufficient, we pursue appropriate legal action to pierce through and counteracts debtors’ attempts to skirt the judgment.

Ask us about whether your collections matter may qualify for alternative billing arrangements, such as Evergreen Cost Retainer + Contingency Fee or Mixed Fee (Reduced Hourly Rate + Reduced Contingency Fee). Learn more about our billing arrangements here.

Testimonials & Notable Results

Read about our notable Collections results, and what our clients have to say about our services.

  • Investor in Failed Business Venture – Drafted proposal for collection services and won client change in representation from prominent collections firm.  Researched judgment debtors and related third-party pressure points and utilized the same in crafting collection strategy, implementing initial collection tools, and negotiating forbearance agreement for payment in full of outstanding seven figure judgment by interested third party on expedited timeline and which contained a provision providing client with a right to an award for all collection-related attorneys’ fees and costs incurred from judgment to date of forbearance agreement (~5 years) upon any payment default under the agreement.  Full seven figure judgment paid on or ahead of schedule pursuant to forbearance agreement.  A small fraction of that amount was recovered over the preceding ~5 years before change in counsel.

  • Motorsports Company – Thwarted demands by large insurer’s subrogation service company for payment of damages caused by client renters to third-party motorist.

* Some of the representations summarized here were handled by Grant Frazier prior to his forming Frazier Law PLLC.

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