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Intellectual Property

It is important to ensure that your business’s intellectual property (IP), which can be one of its most valuable assets, is adequately protected.  Frazier Law PLLC’s business attorneys accomplish this through developing a keen knowledge of clients’ business operations and strategically pursuing IP registration, management, licensing, protection, and enforcement.  Managing Partner Grant Frazier matches his business acumen with his knowledge of trademark, tradename, copyright, service mark, and trade secret law to consider the real-world implications of proposed IP strategies. 

Registration of IP

Frazier Law PLLC assists clients in developing and protecting their brands through registration of trademarks, trade names, and service marks at the state and federal levels.  Our business attorneys can efficiently evaluate your business’ intellectual property and identify the most appropriate mediums for its protection.

IP Right Enforcement

We are experienced in the local and national enforcement of our clients’ IP rights, and our lawyers’ knowledge of applicable statutory and common law rules has led to significant victories.

Licensing and Assignment of IP Rights

Frazier Law PLLC works with clients to evaluate treatment of intellectual property in transactions, license or transfer our client’s intellectual property, and acquire the established intellectual property of other parties.

Testimonials & Notable Results

Read about our notable Intellectual Property results, and what our clients have to say about our services.

  • Store Owner – Led negotiation and documentation of settlement agreement with Fortune 1000 company to nullify default judgment and permanent injunction prohibiting 50%+ of client’s business in exchange for payment of attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in underlying matter.

  • Patent Assignor – Represented client in dispute with company to which client had assigned a valuable patent and related IP rights and provided valuable consulting services, but which had failed to make all required royalty payments during the entire multi-year consulting period.  Filed a Demand for Arbitration to rescind the patent and IP assignment, which forms the basis of the company’s business, immediately prior to opposing party’s planned new funding round, forcing respondent to timely settle dispute for an amount which, when compared to opposing parties’ pre-Arbitration “final and best settlement” was  (a) a six-figure increase in overall settlement amount; (b) an increase in upfront payment of nearly $50,00; (c) a reduction of payment period by ~13 years and significant increase in monthly payments; and (d) a significantly improved position in the event of opposing party default, including a stipulated judgment for  six figures in damages more than the client’s negotiated position, attorneys’ fees, and 12% interest accruing on the judgment and attorneys’ fee amounts (0% accruing previously).

  • Multiple Businesses – Researched, crafted, and implemented trademark application strategy for several small businesses in varying industries. 

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