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Corporate & Business Transactions

Frazier Law PLLC provides superior representation to clients in an array of business transactional matters by developing a deep understanding of client goals, actively problem-solving, and crafting practical value-added strategies.  We represent clients of all sizes and structures, including entrepreneurs, growing startups, family-owned businesses, and multinational companies.

Our Scottsdale-based business attorneys have considerable expertise in negotiating and drafting a wide range of transactional documents, including complex corporate and real estate transactions, stock sales, asset purchase agreements, financing agreements, corporate governance documents, employment agreements, leases, construction contracts, and licensing agreements.  Our experience with interpreting and enforcing these documents in the litigation and alternative dispute resolution contexts informs our transactional work and helps mitigate going-forward risk.

We counsel clients on an array of transactional matters including:

Contract Drafting

Frazier Law PLLC’s business attorneys provide negotiating, drafting, analysis, and enforcement services related to a range of contract matters.  We believe one of the best ways to avoid a costly dispute is to clearly define the parties’ relationship and obligations with a well drafted agreement.  Spending the time, effort, and money to correctly drafting a contract on the front end can save many multiples of each down the line.  This is why Frazier Law PLLC draws on our Scottsdale-based business attorneys’ unique interdisciplinary business transactional and litigation backgrounds to analyze all angles of a contract to ensure clients’ interests are properly protected.  This sets us apart from transaction-only law firms by allowing our attorneys to evaluate and analyze which provisions will be most effective, or which pose the greatest danger, in potential future litigation.


Our business attorneys draft a wide range of contracts and agreements, including asset purchase agreements; contracts with customers (including service contracts, purchase contracts, rental contracts, etc.); corporate formational and amendatory documents (including articles of organization, articles of incorporation (profit and non-profit), articles of amendment, etc.); corporate governance documents (including operating agreements, bylaws, partnership agreements, etc.); employment contracts (including employee contracts, independent contractor agreements, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, etc.); lease documents (including lease agreements, lease assignments, lease amendments, lease guarantees, and subordination agreements); licensing agreements; loan documents (including loan agreements, promissory notes, deeds of trust, guaranty agreements, commercial security agreements, loan modification agreements, forbearance agreements, consents to indebtedness, estoppel certificates, escrow instructions, etc.); settlement agreements; and stock purchase agreements

Employment & Labor

Frazier Law PLLC’s employment and labor attorneys will help you achieve value-added resolutions to employment and labor issues.  We recognize the state, federal, and common law guidelines governing the workplace can be confusing and difficult to navigate.  Our Scottsdale-based business attorneys are equipped to assist employers, employees, and independent contractors with the frequent issues that arise in the course of employment relationships.

We counsel our clients on Arizona’s “at will” employment statutes, and, when a formal written agreement is appropriate, we structure agreements to protect our clients’ interests.  We also routinely advise our clients on the benefits and disadvantages of executing employment versus independent contractor agreements.


Recognizing that claims against employers not only pose potentially significant financial liability, but also serious business and reputational risk, our business lawyers seek to handle workplace claims with efficiency and a high degree of sensitivity to business and reputational costs.

General Corporate

Entrepreneurs often have questions regarding the advantages and drawbacks of certain business entities, corporate governance structures, and other decisions early in a company’s life cycle.  Our business attorneys have extensive experience advising clients on these, and many other, general corporate topics.  Our services include:

  • Business Name: We analyze whether there are US trademarks that might prevent you from using a desired business name, and whether you need to file a tradename (i.e., a “doing business as” or “DBA” name);

  • Tradename and Trademark: We analyze whether you should apply for one or more trademarks, and if so, what type of mark and in which goods and/or services classes;

  • Legal Structure: We help you understand the differences between different business entities (e.g., LLCs, S-Corporations, C-Corporations, etc.) and choose the right structure for you;

  • File Paperwork: Each business must follow due diligence to establish themselves in their home state.  We help you file the necessary paperwork with the applicable governmental agency(ies) quickly and efficiently, saving you stress, aggravation, and time;

  • Corporate Governance: You will need to create corporate governance documents that established the rules by which you do business with owners, employees, vendors, etc.  Our business attorneys are highly knowledgeable about the applicable statutory and common law rules governing corporate governance matters, and draft and advise on these agreements to mitigate future governance-related risk;

  • Annual Compliance Needs: A business entity may have annual reporting requirements depending on the type of entity and the state(s) in which it is registered to do business.  Our business attorneys help clients meet their administrative compliance goals; and

  • Stat Agent Services: Many legal matters are time sensitive, and a client’s attorney’s knowledge of a dispute early generally leads to better and less expensive results.  For this reason, Frazier Law PLLC offers stat agent services to its business entity clients.


Intellectual Property



Our business attorneys recognize the ability to quickly negotiate and execute leases and other deal contracts can mean the difference between success and failure.  Our clients include commercial landlords, restaurants, retailers, office tenants, and property managers.  Clients choose to work with Frazier Law PLLC because they know we negotiate fair leases that add value to their business operations.  Our representation of both commercial landlords and tenants gives us unique perspectives on the lease negotiation process, as well as insights into the latest issues and trends facing space users and owners.

Testimonials & Notable Results

Read about our notable General Corporate & Business Transactions results, and what our clients have to say about our services.

Private Individual/Small Business

"Grant took on my matter on short notice and produced tremendous results.  I was navigating my departure from a FinTech startup in which I had complicated equity options that had been partially exercised and the shares purchased partially vested.  Grant quickly identified the pertinent considerations, analyzed the implicated legal documents, and developed a creative strategy for how to most effectively and amicably navigate my departure while maintaining optimal equity upside moving forward.  I greatly value his knowledgeable counsel and resolute commitment to providing outstanding client service."


Private Individual/Small Business

"Grant was absolutely AMAZING to work with! When I contacted him to review my physician's employment agreement, he was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt to reply to any communications (email, text, phone, or otherwise). He was very patient and able to answer and explain all of my legal-related questions/concerns throughout the process. He did a superb job of not only red-lining my document in a highly-detailed fashion, but also did so with an extremely short one-week deadline to work with. I would 100% use Grant again and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for a quality lawyer to review their employment contract!"

Private Individual/Small Business

"I was referred to Grant to assist with developing a limited liability corporation for a professional consulting firm that I started. Grant has helped me tremendously with developing written agreements, independent contractor agreements and other documents related to this new endeavor. Likewise, Grant has provided me with professional counsel regarding operating and regulatory law. I highly recommend Grant. Grant will represent your interests and provide you sound advice in a timely manner."

Private Individual/Small Business

"My experience working with Grant Frazier has been nothing short of amazing. He has been a loyal and trusted advisor and vital advocate for my best personal and business interests. He is brilliant, thorough, and has a remarkable ability to find creative and cost-efficient solutions to complex legal and business matters. Grant has an immense amount of business intelligence and legal knowledge, allowing him to advise on a wide array of legal and business strategy matters. I greatly value and appreciate his responsiveness, which is second-to-none. I trust no one's counsel more, and would highly recommend him to anyone needing best in class legal or business representation."


Private Individual/Small Business

"Grant continues to play a critical part in our organization’s ability to solve a wide range of legal and strategy issues. There isn’t a business-related issue I could bring to him that he couldn’t handle. Grant makes sure to fully understand the challenges we are facing, the opportunities available to us, and our long-term plans for success. He understands the soft considerations (i.e., messaging, long-term public perception, effect on relationships, etc.) that underlie important decisions, and always keeps these in mind when providing effective and value-added counsel. His creative and strategic problem-solving has highlighted several previously unrecognized opportunities that have resulted in significant windfalls. His client service, attention to detail, legal knowledge, and business intelligence are all first-class. Grant is the quintessential professional, and I consider him a valuable member of, and asset to, our organization. I cannot recommend Grant more highly."


Private Individual/Medium Size Business

"We discovered Grant from a friend referral, and after interviewing him, we felt extremely comfortable. He has high standards and values, and his knowledge of the law is unsurpassed. He has offered us great legal advice in various matters. Grant helped steer us in the right direction and is an excellent strategist. Everyone we’ve worked with has been extremely professional and a joy to work with!"

Private Individual

"Working with Grant was such a great experience. He took over all communications with the dishonest bullying business partner I was trying to get away from. He quickly put her in her place every time she came at me and ended up getting her to sign an MIPA so I could be out and done with the business. I’m very grateful to Grant. I would definitely recommend Grant to anyone needing help with hard business partners."

* Some of the testimonials included here relate to matters handled by Frazier Law team members prior to joining Frazier Law, PLLC.

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