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Cassandra Ferrigno-Bren Joins Frazier Law As A Senior Paralegal

Frazier Law, PLLC is proud to announce our newest addition to the firm, Cassandra Ferrigno-Bren, who serves as the firm's Senior Paralegal. Cassandra is already an instrumental part of the Frazier Law team, and especially its Business Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice. She has significant experience preparing initial drafts of pleadings, motions, discovery requests, and related legal documents; performing legal research and investigating facts; assisting in trial preparation; responding to and investigating administrative law matters; reviewing and summarizing client documents and documents obtained through discovery; and analyzing and investigating various disputes related to employment law matters.

Prior to joining Frazier Law, PLLC, Cassandra served as Office Manager and Managing Paralegal for a Valley-based business law firm, as well as a legal assistant for several firms and a collections professional.

Cassandra earned a Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies from the University of Great Falls. While earning her degree in Paralegal Studies, Cassandra honed her legal argument skills by helping to co-found, and participating in, the school’s Speech and Debate team. She also attended Arizona Summit Law School for a period of time in pursuit of her Juris Doctor prior to re-focusing on her paralegal career and earning a Master of Arts in Conflict Management Resolution from Abilene Christian University.

In her free time, Cassandra enjoys spending time with her family and is passionate about cooking, travelling to learn about different cultures and attending her favorite teams’ sporting events.

We are excited to have Cassandra as part of the team!


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