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Frazier Law Proudly Represents Esteemed Western Artists Mark Maggiori and Petecia Le Fawnhawk-Maggiori

Frazier Law, PLLC is proud to announce representation of esteemed Western artists and clients, Mark Maggiori and Petecia Le Fawnhawk-Maggiori, along with their business interests, including the Maggioris’ highly anticipated 2024 Far West New York group art show.


The Maggioris are renowned for their cross-media artistic talents, including oil painting, sculpture, jewelry, photography, and music.  Mark has been described by art commentators as a “generational talent,” whose works are “reminiscent of the old masters.”  His recent “Beyond the Golden Skies” show at the Scottsdale Legacy Gallery broke numerous records, including with the $500,000 sale of “In the Middle Runs a River." Petecia is a multi-disciplinary artist, who has been described as a soulful surreal minimalist.

The Maggioris are also serial entrepreneurs with business interests in the art supplies, art show hosting, publishing, and Western clothing and décor industries.


“We are honored to represent Mark Maggiori, Petecia Le Fawnhawk-Maggiori, and their business interests.  Their vision and passion for the arts are truly inspiring, and we are committed to providing them with comprehensive legal support to ensure the success of their art businesses, the Far West New York show, and beyond.” - Grant Frazier (Managing Partner, Frazier Law, PLLC).

Far West NYC Group Show

In 2017, Mark, Petecia, and a group of artist friends hosted a successful group art show in Los Angeles, California.  In the years since, Mark’s and Petecia’s art has grown astronomically in popularity and collectability.


The Far West New York show is the latest embodiment of the Maggioris’ passion for group shows and championing of their artist friends.  The show will be hosted at the Arcadia Contemporary Gallery in Soho, New York City, on September 10, 2024, and will feature works from more than 20 famed contemporary artists whose works are inspired by the environments and ideals of the American West.  These artists include Mark Maggiori, Petecia Le Fawnhawk-Maggiori, Tyana Arviso, Teal Blake, Brian Bowen Smith, Chloe M. Burke, S.M. Chavez, Sean Cheetham, Kevin Chupik, Glenn Dean, Jon Flaming, David Kassan, Jeremy Lipking, Timothy McOmber, John Isaiah Pepion, Steven Perlin, Howard Post, and Sisson.


Musical entertainment will include The Secody Brothers, Navajo storytellers and artists, and a to-be-named Album of the Year nominee.


The art show and auction will be followed by a limited online print drop.


The Far West NYC show is poised to be an unforgettable experience that transcends boundaries and elevates the cultural landscape.

For more information about the Far West New York show, please check for updates on or submit an inquiry here.


For more information regarding how Frazier Law, PLLC can help you achieve your artistic and business passions, contact us.


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